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Employment Opportunities at R&A Cycles

Work with cycling's top brands, and the biggest range of high end products on the market.

Grow your passion. Be a part of unrivalled experience and history in the bicycle industry.

Founded in 1976, in Brooklyn, NY - in the same store we still occupy today. We built our business on having the best selection of premium cycling products, and the expertise to go with it.

In the 80s we carved a niche as the go-to destination for high performance, rare, and classic inventory. We created a mail order business to serve enthusiasts and racers all over the world.

When Cervelo first launched in 1996, we had already been in the bike business for 20 years - we've been a dealer since day one. We were there when the sport of triathlon was established - and we were one of the first stores to range specialist tri products and sponsor pro triathletes.

Our e-commerce website went live in 1997, just two years after the first online shopping transaction. We've shipped to riders in 135 different countries across more than two decades.

We're part of a cycling's history and cycling's future. If you want to learn from the best and work with the best products, this is the place for you.


Northern CA - East Bay Area

A 10,000 sq. ft. retail store with immersive brand experiences. A completely new twist on bicycle retail in the heart of Northern California cycling.

Brooklyn headquarters

Our state of the art fulfilment center, corporate headquarters and customer support center. Also home to R&A Black.

Brooklyn retail store

Our original location in the heart of Brooklyn. The destination for cyclists from across the world since 1976.


R&A Cycles offers an amazing platform to connect with cyclists from across the world, and change their lives for the better through cycling. Cyclists look to us for the best knowledge, support and service to help them achieve their health, fitness, leisure and performance goals.

An R&A Cycles staff member is energetic, passionate and enthusiastic about assisting every cyclist they encounter. When we leave work, we learn, ride and engage with our communities, and promote our love for the sport. We eat, breath and sleep this stuff, and it is why we love what we do.

Customer Support & Sales

Customer support: Brooklyn HQ & California call centers
Sales: Brooklyn store, California store.

Are you someone who loves anything and everything to do with bikes? Do you have the ability to express the true benefits and value of the products we use as cyclists, triathletes and mountain bikers? Do you have the ability to be objective, the willingness to learn about new things, and communicate that to others? Do you want a career in the bike industry and the ability to grow past all expectations? If so, maybe a sales or support role at R&A Cycles is for you.

Responsibilities will range between on-floor sales, phone-answering, email-answering, and occasional industry events. Our shop represents a large number of high-dollar brands, with machines ranging in price from $2k to over $20k, and this person will need to be familiar with them, as well as the parts on them. We are willing to train the right people, but some foundation of cycling knowledge, brands, and terms is a non-negotiable requirement to be considered for this role. We are a growing organization, keen to hire those who see a future for themselves in the cycling industry.If you're interested, we'd love to speak to you.

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Bike Mechanical Technician

Locations: Brooklyn store, California store.

Are you a leader? Do you feel you can guide others to be stronger and to work together? Can you operate a structured environment that delivers the company's vision for both customer and employee experiences. Are you knowledgeable in all things cycling and an avid rider? Are you a good communicator with an inspiring personality?

We're looking for a full-time mechanic, experienced in high-performance, high-dollar bicycles. Some training can be provided, but a strong foundation in modern high-performance road bikes, gravel bikes, and mountain bikes is required, including familiarity with electronic drivetrains. Experience with custom-building bikes also necessary. Some amount of fitting experience is a plus, but not required. eBike knowledge is also desirable. We are a growing organization, keen to hire those who see a future for themselves in the cycling industry.If you're interested, we'd love to speak to you.

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Bike Fitting Specialist

Locations: Brooklyn HQ.

Do you have advanced skills in bike fitting? Do you understand the human body, how it moves and how it is affected by bike fit? Do you understand bike geometry and how certain factors affect a bike fit? Are you open minded and willing to embrace a new methodology and concept of bike fitting? If so, you may be ideal as a Bike Fitting Specialist.

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