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Sports Nutrition And Hydration For Cyclists, Runners, Swimmers And Triathletes

R&A Cycles has a huge range of sports nutrition, concentrating on the needs of cycling, running, swimming and triathlon in particular. R&A Cycles stocks energy gels and energy products, recovery nutrition, hydration, sports drinks and meals and snacks designed to be consumed in activity. Our nutrition range covers the biggest brands, including Gu, Clif Bar, PowerBar and more.
Our range is conveniently organized to guide you on the best choices for pre-workout, during workout, post-workout and all day use. We also categorize our sports nutrition products according to dietary requirement, so you can easily filter by options such as kosher, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, vegan and more.

Nutrition For Cyclists, Triathletes, Swimmers & Runners

As their activities are performed over a longer period of time, endurance athletes need to top up their energy and fluid reserves as they go. As cycling, triathlon, swimming and running is typically individual, athletes need to be able to carry their own foods with them to quickly top up energy, and have access to rapid hydration.
Energy: The body depends largely on carbohydrate supply to the exercising muscle. Aim to consume 30-60g of carbohydrate per hour. Commence carbohydrate intake early in the training or race to avoid low stores later on.
Hydration and fluids: As a cyclists can be limited to the amount of fluid that can be carried on their bike, it is important to ensure fluids are replaced in the most optimal way. Hydration tablets and powders contain electrolytes that help efficiently deliver water and other nutrients to your cells, keeping them performing throughout long, strenuous exercise.
Portable foods: Eating as you exercise means food must be small enough to carry, and generally high energy in a small portion to stop you feeling full or heavy. Energy gels and bars are popular choices for athletes to consume on rides or runs.