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Range Of Bike Trainers, Turbo Trainers, Smart Trainers And Rollers

R&A Cycles range of indoor trainers allows you to keep riding in any weather conditions. Our range of indoor bike trainers, turbo trainers and smart trainers includes models from Tacx, Wahoo, CycleOps and more. The range includes bicycle trainer options for any budget, and with a full range of trainer accessories.

Smart Trainers

Smart trainers are a new category of indoor trainer that integrates your riding efforts with apps for analysis, training, or virtual courses. The aim purpose is to be able to record and analyze your stationary riding data, just like you would outside. Smart trainers also hook up to training apps that can control your resistance, or virtual riding platforms such as Zwift, which allow you to ride courses and race others online.

Fluid Trainers

R&A Cycles has a huge range of fluid trainers, from the biggest brands at the best price. Fluid trainers create resistance using fluid inside the flywheel, compared to a magnetic trainer which uses adjustable magnets to create drag. The fluid becomes thicker as its temperature increases, which means the resistance will become more challenging the faster you pedal.
Fluid trainers are generally more expensive than magnetic trainers, whoever fluid trainers are significantly quieter, as well as offer a more realistic riding feel. Magnetic trainer resistance changes in distinct ‘levels’, as it is made harder or easier, whereas fluid trainers offer a more progressive change in resistance. The progressive resistance offered by a fluid trainer also makes it impossible to ‘outgrow’ your trainer as fitness increases.

For people living in apartments, or wanting to use the trainer near other people, the significantly quieter fluid trainer will be the best choice.

Magnetic Trainers

Magnetic trainers create resistance using adjustable magnets to create drag. Depending on the model, resistance is increased by adjusting a dial either located on the flywheel, or through a handlebar mounted cable attached to the trainer.
Magnetic indoor trainers are generally the least expensive style of indoor trainer. This makes them a great option for riders who will predominantly be riding outdoors, but want a trainer handy for back up if weather or time requires it.

Buy Indoor Trainers & Smart Trainers Online

R&A Cycles not only supplies indoor trainers and smart trainers to riders in Brooklyn, New York, we also ship to cyclists all over the world. Along with the United States, we regularly ship trainers internationally to the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Spain, France and more.

Our customer service team are bicycle experts, available to advise you with your purchase, or answer any questions you may have. Customer service can be contacted phone and email in both English and Spanish.